45 rue Isabey, 76790 Étretat

Our philosophy

The story of Les Tilleuls

Rest, recharge and reconnect

Surrounded by magical landscapes, we realize how important it is to take active measures to protect the environment and support local businesses. 

We consciously select all our suppliers to purchase environmentally friendly and local products. That is why we cook according to healthy guidelines and in direct link with our permaculture garden. 

Les Tilleuls is above all about taking care of our well-being and the well-being of our environment.

"Les Tilleuls is a place to live, a place of encounters, exchanges and timeless moments. I wanted to make this Norman paradise a place that authentically reflects the traits of my personality: a mix of hotel and restaurant, well-being and personal development, and cultural and artistic events in a warm, intimate, benevolent, joyful and friendly atmosphere. I wish to infuse the place with my values, my passions which evolve over time in order to offer my clients the possibility of discovering and living each of these experiences."

 Camille Gersdorff

Behind the scene 

Obelix fell into the magic potion pot as a child, I'm in the hotel business.

Immersed in this world, I took my first steps in the kitchen of my parents' former Michelin starred restaurant, L'Essentiel, in Belgium.

From a very young age, I was driven by a desire for freedom, independence and discovery that guided me in my life's journey. Accompanying my parents on numerous trips and galas around the world awakened my ambition to turn my passion for the hotel business into a vocation.

In 2012, I started my studies at the Glion Institute in Switzerland, recognised as the best hotel school in the world. I was excited to prove my skills and so I started working in some of the best hotels in the world, such as the Portman Ritz Carlton Hotel in Shanghai, the London NYC Hotel in New York and the property consultancy CBRE Hotels in London.

In 2018, I dropped my bags in France. I am the owner and manager of Les Tilleuls in Etretat, which opened on 11 June 2019. It is a place of life that mixes hospitality and catering, well-being and personal development and cultural and artistic events in a warm, intimate, caring, joyful and friendly atmosphere.

My goal today is to continue to develop this hybrid guesthouse concept with a second location in the Alpes de Haute Provence for an opening in 2025. I am also an entrepreneur at heart with other projects in the pipeline to create together with my partners and clients the world of tomorrow. 

Camille Gersdorff